We need you to help us reach our Big Hairy Audacious Goal! By building really smart software we enable insurers worldwide to automatically detect insurance fraud and identify high risks. Our ultimate dream is that in 2025 the FRISS Score is the global trusted standard for honest insurance. We need great people to build great products! We want a new colleague, are you going to be the next one?  

Your mission as a Python Developer

Outline new enterprise and data driven analytical applications. Build innovative products with the team. Spread knowledge about how to improve our products and architecture.  

What did you achieve as a Python Developer after one year?  

You have had your own say on how our products can be optimized and used by our clients. You have applied problem solving patterns such as reliable messaging, and you have improved the scalability and reliability of the FRISS platform. In other words, combining your excellent knowledge of Python, you have created new possibilities and advantages (e.g. you have developed state-of-the-art applications tailored to process, analyze and visualize insurance data. You have built the best back-end for our products). 

You and your FRISS team 

The formal role is “developer”, what’s beneath is way greater! Working in your SCRUM team, you’ll be embracing an every-day-growing-experience, contributing to new AI technologies. You will be immersed in one of the most dynamic and multicultural environments of the Netherlands, where dedication to work and creativity are equally important. We will always take into account your thoughts and feedback, both positive and negative. FRISS is an organization where you can grow and learn (and master your ping pong or football skills, we mean it!).  

Who are you?  

You have worked as a Python Developer AND have affinity with Data. Eager to grow, you like to take chances and experiment. 

You have a solid scripting command with Python, but also experience with NOSQL Databases and Graph Databases such as ElasticSearch and/or Neo4j. What’s more, you have familiarity with the FastAPI and/or Django framework, and anything in your backpack which includes JavaScript, Bash, Docker, Kafka, Azure or Kubernetes. 

With your eye for quality and details, you are able to motivate your team. Finally, you speak English fluently, and you like to really connect with your colleagues from around the globe.  


Don’t let Imposter Syndrome stop you from applying! If you have any questions, you can contact us at shravan.rangarajan@friss.com.

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