We need you to help us reach our Big Hairy Audacious Goal! By building really smart software we enable insurers worldwide to automatically detect insurance fraud and identify high risks. Our ultimate dream is that in 2025 the FRISS Score is the global trusted standard for honest insurance. Are you ready for an adventure? We are expanding our HR operations to support our growing company. Will you help us ensure that our HR activities go on without any hiccoughs?

Your mission as a Global Operational HR Business Support

You will support our wonderful team of value creators – our employees, with HR policies and services that align with the organizational goals and help us make FRISS a joy to work at. A joy to work at in this role means:

  • ensuring employees have the right tools in place to operate efficiently
  • providing employees with competitive payment & benefits
  • ensuring equitable and transparent global policies for our employees
  • fostering a healthy work culture

What are your key responsibilities?

  • Ensure that the following HR essentials are updated / innovated (if they no longer make it a joy to work at), and in line with the latest legislation, and security & privacy standards:
    • Standard templates (letters, contracts, bonus plan etc.)
    • All HR policies & processes (i.e., FRISS GUIDE, lease policy, onboarding process, performance management process etc.)
    • Compensation & Benefits: salary scales & benefits (i.e. perform regular salary benchmarks)
    • Payroll for every country
    • HR system Sympa, Recruitee, and Academy
  • Be a business partner for line management, checking and guiding the implementation of HR processes within teams.
  • Measure organizational health, and drive our strategies geared towards culture and employee engagement.
  • You are the go-to person for managers and advisors, and will take the lead in projects like reviewing global payroll partners, and compensation & benefits analyses.
  • You are the first HR contact point for employees with HR related questions. You are the example of our value We Care! Employees trust you and feel free to let you know what’s on their minds.

If you look back after one year at FRISS, what will you have achieved?

  • You have improved on the professionalization and implementation of Global HR policies & processes (like our expat policy and global payroll process).
  • You have become the HR specialist in international employment law, compensation & benefits, highly skilled migrants, expat policies, absenteeism policy, and HR analytics.
  • You have made a name for yourself as the conversation partner for the team managers. You have regular check-ins with them, and together you discuss how things are going with all team members. Are there any other specifics in which HR advice can / must act? Which changes/mutations need to be administrated?
  • You have proven to be a pro with personnel & salary administration, passing on changes to our (international) payrolls, pension, vehicle fleet, etc.
  • You have ensured that FRISS stays true to its culture in all aspects of its operations.

What you will not be doing:

Employee & organizational development / L&D. This is already being done by our L&D Specialist and HR Manager.

You and your Team

We offer the opportunity to work in an exciting and international environment, with lots of room for initiative and personal development (with FRISS Academy, you can keep learning). Like the rest of us at FRISS, you want to put your best foot forward and deliver an outstanding customer experience. Based in our headquarters in Creative Valley in Utrecht, the Netherlands, you will collaborate closely with different stakeholders and hold us to our value of honesty by making the backlog more transparent to the organisation.

Who are you?

  • You have in-depth HR knowledge and experience in: compensation & benefits, law & regulations and regular HR processes and policies.
  • You have excellent communication skills, ensuring that there are no opportunities for miscommunication.
  • You know how to read your audience and react accordingly when you present your ideas.
  • You are action oriented, and you know how to get things done.
  • You are organized. You plan and align your work with the organisational goals.
  • You are analytical & detail oriented . A regular Sherlock Holmes, you can interpret a situation and know how to proceed.
  • It goes without saying, you are detail oriented. When you plan your work, you have taken everything into account.
  • You are great at collaborating to get excellent results that leave us all in awe.
  • You instil trust and everybody knows they can discuss confidential information with you.

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