JEROEN VLOG #012 – Chicago Office

In this episode Jeroen puts on the camera while he commutes from his home to our Chicago office. And when he gets there... what a view! And what a beer!

JEROEN VLOG #011 – Polar Vortex

In this episode Jeroen for the first time endures the consequences of picking Chicago as our US headquarters. The polar vortex has kicked in and it is time for some shuffling!


In this episode Jeroen flew back to Amsterdam for the FRISS ProDays! Two days of teambuilding, inspiration, growth and of course: A LOT OF FUN!

JEROEN VLOG #009 – Guidewire Connections

In this episode Jeroen and the team are presenting at Guidewire Connections 2018, in Las Vegas. The FRISS crew also beat the smoking desert during a bike ride!

JEROEN VLOG #008 – Halloween

In this episode Jeroen is in The Netherlands so his wife Heidy takes care of the vlogging! It's Halloween time in Chicago!

JEROEN VLOG #007 – InsureTech Connect

In this episode Jeroen is visiting InsureTech Connect 2018 in Las Vegas. FRISS is an official partner of the event and Jeroen is there to network and share knowledge!

JEROEN VLOG #006 – Expedition Planning

In this episode Jeroen and the FRISS management team are spending time on business planning. We're ready to enter Q4 of this year!

JEROEN VLOG #005 – Visa Time

In this episode Jeroen and his wife Heidy are back in Amsterdam for a few days. Why? To visit the US Embassy and finally get their Visa approved!

JEROEN VLOG #004 – IASIU Baltimore

In this episode Jeroen visits the IASIU Conference in Baltimore. Equipped with a team in orange polo shirts AND a mini ping pong table to stand out from the crowd!

JEROEN VLOG #003 – Going to School

In this episode Jesse, Teun and Roos are going to school in the US for the first day. How does that work?

JEROEN VLOG #002 – US Arrival

In this episode Jeroen and his family arrive in Chicago. First stop: IKEA! And then off to Lake Michigan.

JEROEN VLOG #001 – Moving Day

In this episode it's moving day! Jeroen prepares for his take-off to Chicago and today all his furniture and other belongings are picked up for shipment to the United States.