Region: Remote

Platform Operations Engineer

Support our (internal) business and projects with observability (monitoring and alerting) and provide the best solutions to incidents and challenges.

Platform Engineer

Create the best platform and tools to be used to empower the development and operations teams to work independently and securely in delivering their software and services to the customer.



Du wirst Teil unseres Customer Excellence Teams (Regionalteam DACH / ROW) sein.

Consultant DACH


We are looking for a consultant in the DACH region to help us onboard our new customers

Data Architect

Your mission is to bring processes and the technologies around handing data to the next level and take the lead on the mission to make FRISS an even more data-driven company.

Business Intelligence Consultant

You will work with FRISS at the next level of data driven fraud analytics and join the team’s mission to make FRISS an even more data driven company.

Python Software Engineer

You will work with your team to design and build innovative products that will help insurance fraud investigators detect new types of fraud, and make them more effective at detecting previously unseen fraud scenarios.

Sales Manager (NA)


You will position FRISS products within insurance carriers from Directors to C-Suite.