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We’re an international and fast growing group of talented people driven by passion, focus and dedication to fight insurance fraud. At FRISS, we feel comfortable by being ourselves and we have full confidence in our knowledge & expertise. We continuously invest our budget in people, technology, processes, and epic office parties. This helps us to further develop, sustain and innovate our business.

Honest Insurance

At FRISS we don’t want people to pay higher premiums because others commit fraud. With AI technology and data, FRISS detects and prevents fraud. For us, that is Honest Insurance.

Demand for anti-fraud solutions has grown since FRISS was founded in 2006, and we now have over 150 implementations across 35 countries. We work with carriers across Europe and Latin America, and recently opened our North American office in Chicago.

What Customers Say:

Within 12 months of going live with FRISS we realized a 210% ROI, just by automating our fraud analytics process.

Anadolu Sigorta

What we appreciate about FRISS is that they keeps investing in technology, processes and people to futher develop, sustain and innovate their business.


Folksam chose FRISS because their platform is built and designed for the needs of the insurance business.


By choosing for FRISS we have found ourselves the best possible solution available in the market.


With the help of FRISS we managed to retain 6% premium, which is refunded to customers who have not submitted claims.


FRISS helps us with optimizing our acceptance processes and with faster detection of suspicious claims.


FRISS enables Generali to extensively screen all its customers, which enhances the quality of the underwriting process.


FRISS enables us to optimize our underwriting process.


Our Leadership Team

Jeroen Morrenhof

CEO and Co-founder
As the CEO of the company I am privileged to lead FRISS in the direction of our BHAG: “In 2025 the FRISS Score© is the global trusted standard for honest insurance”. My daily job has various roles, I am a recruiter, salesperson, firefighter (growing fast comes with pains), customer support champion and decider. My ambition for FRISS is to help all insurers globally in preventing and fighting fraud and become the number one player for fraud, risk and compliance.

Christian van Leeuwen

CTO and Co-founder
Within the organization I am regarded as the thought leader in the field of fraud, risk and compliance. Currently my main responsibility is the Product Strategy. I am therefore leading the Solutions & Innovation Team in adding new solutions and technology on fraud detection techniques and predictive analytics to the product in order to remain successful.

Marc Mulder

I am an energetic and experienced commercial manager that is always looking for the optimum for all parties. I value being a trustworthy, goal-oriented and fun person to work with. I am serious about what I do, authentic, realistic, goal-oriented, loyal and positive. As a team-builder I am a determined listener (I always try to understand) and always try to communicate with the desired effect in mind. It’s not that often you come across a company like FRISS and get the chance to contribute toward its success.

Cornelia Dolle

My motto is: “you can learn from everyone” and at FRISS I get inspiration every day. The CFO’s role is to control the organization, but not to limit creativity. System and processes need to be flexible and user-friendly. The only constant factor is change. I enjoy working together to pursue joint success.

Ralf van der Eerden

I’m an enthusiastic, energetic go-getter. Someone who knows where he wants to be, how to get there and how to make that journey. The way I manage my team is by giving them self control as much as possible. The drive to deliver great results should come from them, and it is my task to support the team in the best possible way. Having fun in what we do is an important factor for a teams’ success. Challenging, giving responsibilities and supporting the team for 100% is how I guide my team. At FRISS I’m challenged on a daily basis to get the maximum out of me and my passion. It is an ideal working environment for people like me.

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