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What We Do At FRISS?

We support honest insurance. For everyone.

Let’s explain. By building really smart software we enable insurers worldwide to automatically detect insurance fraud and identify high risks. So insurance companies can quickly payout their honest customers, and investigate the ones who try to abuse the system. By not having to cover for the risks brought in by fraudsters, insurers are able to offer you a fair premium. And that’s what we at FRISS call honest insurance!

Take a look at our products:


Risk Assessment

We help insurers know their customers before they enter the portfolio by building a real-time risk assessment engine.

Fraud Detection

We help insurers detect fraud by using AI, predictive modeling, image screening and for example network analysis.


We help insurers to simplify their fraud operations by leveraging a core system for the special investigation department.

Great Passions Can Elevate Us to Great Things.

We can only stand out as a company if we excel as individuals, together.

FRISS was founded
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Say what?! BHAG isn’t a genetically mutated monster, but means Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Our ultimate dream is that in 2025 the FRISS Score is the global trusted standard for honest insurance. To achieve this, we are eagerly welcoming new fun colleagues who want to join us on our expedition. Are you ready for an adventure?

Culture Is Everything.

The one thing we are most proud of is our unique culture. We really talk with each other. We drink (and brew) beers. We tackle our CEO at the coffee machine when he’s about to skip the line. We have arguments. We laugh, with colleagues in the office or with the ones on the other side of the ocean. We raised Mini Ping Pong into an art form. We play Mariokart on our Super Nintendo – or Street Fighter, if you have to blow off steam. At FRISS, we feel connected to one another.

Our Core Values.

We CARE for each other, for our products and for our customers. If one of us is about to drop the ball, we catch it. We don’t like but – we use ‘Yes, AND’ to take us further. We respectfully challenge each other on a daily basis. And we all DRIVE towards the same goal; to become the best in what we do.

Join Us On Our Expedition.

Everyone at FRISS adds value. You make impact. You learn every day. We encourage you to develop yourself. Because if you get better, FRISS gets better. And that is why we seek professional (duh!) and fun-to-be-with (yes, please!) colleagues who believe in our BHAG. Come join our expedition!

A Peak Into Our Life @ FRISS

JEROEN VLOG #012 – Chicago Office

In this episode Jeroen puts on the camera while he commutes from his home to our Chicago office. And when he gets there... what a view! And what a beer!

JEROEN VLOG #011 – Polar Vortex

In this episode Jeroen for the first time endures the consequences of picking Chicago as our US headquarters. The polar vortex has kicked in and it is time for some shuffling!


In this episode Jeroen flew back to Amsterdam for the FRISS ProDays! Two days of teambuilding, inspiration, growth and of course: A LOT OF FUN!

JEROEN VLOG #009 – Guidewire Connections

In this episode Jeroen and the team are presenting at Guidewire Connections 2018, in Las Vegas. The FRISS crew also beat the smoking desert during a bike ride!

JEROEN VLOG #008 – Halloween

In this episode Jeroen is in The Netherlands so his wife Heidy takes care of the vlogging! It's Halloween time in Chicago!

JEROEN VLOG #007 – InsureTech Connect

In this episode Jeroen is visiting InsureTech Connect 2018 in Las Vegas. FRISS is an official partner of the event and Jeroen is there to network and share knowledge!

JEROEN VLOG #006 – Expedition Planning

In this episode Jeroen and the FRISS management team are spending time on business planning. We're ready to enter Q4 of this year!

JEROEN VLOG #005 – Visa Time

In this episode Jeroen and his wife Heidy are back in Amsterdam for a few days. Why? To visit the US Embassy and finally get their Visa approved!

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